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What are you all playing?

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Any current games, particularly online ones you are playing?

I have GTA V and some experience with the multiplayer.
Also a little bit of Watch Dogs 2 and 1 play.
Battlefield games are installed, but I have not much time in them.  I miss the CTF vibe and feel domination modes are more a sloppy DM than any sort of team running.

Ranting onward, level systems for equipment lock-out grind my gears.  I know leveling gets more playtime and money, but I do greatly respect an open shooter experience as I feel it is vastly more accessible and fun to play.
Wolfenstein Enemy Territory is a forever classic.  The modes scale pretty well from now to a fork of the CTF era.  If you asked for my rambling on the FPS genre, glad to assist.
Older or retro multiplayer is awesome.

I also have Rocket League and have played some rounds of that.
Currently I put some time on that Final Fantasy XIV as an expansion drops in a couple weeks.
Not much console playing for me, but I do have a PS4 DualShock on my PC.
Blueman has me on my WiiU but I''m mostly on some single player if I fire that up.  Mario Maker alone makes that console a worthwhile keeper.
I also jam on some retro console.  If you visit we can play for sure.  I may show up with a NES too.  Hey, you know why not.

I abused line breaks for the sake of starting the game list conversation.  My Steam will show some Fallout and stuff like that too.  We can share community play without it necessarily being an online game too.  I have Battle.net Blizzard joints too and some of you already got me added up.

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