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Red Faction

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If I recall approximately 1999 kicked off some Red Faction.  Thanks to the mod community you can still play this game.  It actually got better cheat control and server administration, after it was abandoned at Patch 1.2.  1.3 onward is the OP for your enjoyment. PureFaction is the last and I still believe the most current form to play RF.

Quite a few friends and I were enjoying RF well outside the GLeagues era.  The master server was privately restored when THQ let the master server for match lookups go inactive.  J0k3r ran a server that was not rail-only and heavy weapon spawn blocked.  We got that server banned from said master server.

I hope you enjoyed some refresher to moderately recent, Red Faction primer.  We played with several excellent people and not all of them were +Phoolz Like Us+ members.  We just played games like we were all on the same team.  Speaking of such 1-vs-All was battle mode training.  I've had the pleasure of catching old crew around and even chatting on modern messaging and voice platforms.  Time to make some more threads and forums.'PureFaction' is still live and linked.

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