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Howdy and welcome back.  I am adding the few posts back into the forums, as I had to migrate hosts back.  It turns out Invision forum DBs, even .gz'd are over 64 MB.  I have added accounts from FuntimeBliss in a grievous abuse of data sets.  If you do not wish to use your account here, you do not have to.
I will not send you any more emails to that effect, as I did for the password reset tool for imported accounts.  I also do not give your details to any entity... be it a data house or law enforcement entity.  I'm not in the fourm game for financial game and your data is not a monetized asset.

Welcome back.  As I said, sorry if you viewed me merging accounts as spam.  You should have only got the one email.  I may have got some non-FPS players in the sweep from the FTB user list.
Turns out, most of the accounts had bad emails anyways.  Getting plenty of bounce-backs.

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If you had an account on FuntimeBliss, you were very likely imported.  I did not sent an email in case some of them were dead email accounts.
Roll the Forgot password option to get account access; else drop me a message and I''ll get you live.

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