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    New accounts

    Nah, all new signups were spam ph i sh ing. Manual accounts only so I don't have to see the non-validated spam messages.
  2. Just to restate. If you give a bad email or never verify the address, new accounts will never become activated. Never been a marketing spam fan and never will be. Just wanted to drop a reminder
  3. I am playing a little Splatoon 2 but mostly some Captain Toad and Octopath Traveler on switch. Greets to Wub on his account signup and also to the Bailbonds account I approved today. I want to think someone has a sense of humor and since they validated their email, I approved them. Don't let me down as being a spam bot. I may still make a dedicated server for Unreal Tournament 2003 or something comparably old school.
  4. Pic0o

    Site info

    Welcome to 2018. I flipped a Wordpress up for the main site and added a little backstory. I also scraped some pages on Archive.org to get the ancient +PLuS+ site layouts in image format.
  5. Pic0o

    New accounts

    Since no one logged into their imported accounts from Funtime, I dropped them from this site. Also from the looks, many people may have abandoned the hotmail accounts they were using back in the early 2000's. Registration is active so you are welcome to give that a go. Immortal Mod and I are moderators here at this time.
  6. I saw some heads talking about the olden days of UT and Unreal Tournament 2003. I may fire up a small server here shortly. Once I do, I'll put info on here and FTB. FYI I will replace the front page with Wordpress. If you want to add content there, hit me up and I'll hook you up.
  7. Pic0o

    Ghost site

    In the event anyone comes to this page, it's here. You can also get me on the Funtime forums. I don't really have any post-PhpNuke databases to backfill this site with. If you want to coordinate stuff, the forums are here to do so.
  8. Pic0o

    SSL Cert

    The cert is now live for the forums and index page. Enjoy.
  9. Pic0o


    I know some of the old +PLuS+ folks are rocking Xbox One currently. What are you gaming on these days? I'm the outlier not playing on any console currently, but doing a little PC Gaming.
  10. Pic0o

    SSL Cert

    Technically this is more site news than a dedicated tech forum thread, but anyways I proceed. I am looking to have some certs up for browsing this domain shortly. That way you can have your browsing protected in transit and a little harder to be tinkered with. Not really for applicable paranoia reasons but for the sake of helping you obfuscate the contents of your browsing and connect from other networks,
  11. Any current games, particularly online ones you are playing? I have GTA V and some experience with the multiplayer. Also a little bit of Watch Dogs 2 and 1 play. Battlefield games are installed, but I have not much time in them. I miss the CTF vibe and feel domination modes are more a sloppy DM than any sort of team running. Ranting onward, level systems for equipment lock-out grind my gears. I know leveling gets more playtime and money, but I do greatly respect an open shooter experience as I feel it is vastly more accessible and fun to play. Wolfenstein Enemy Territory is a for
  12. Pic0o

    Red Faction

    If I recall approximately 1999 kicked off some Red Faction. Thanks to the mod community you can still play this game. It actually got better cheat control and server administration, after it was abandoned at Patch 1.2. 1.3 onward is the OP for your enjoyment. PureFaction is the last and I still believe the most current form to play RF. Quite a few friends and I were enjoying RF well outside the GLeagues era. The master server was privately restored when THQ let the master server for match lookups go inactive. J0k3r ran a server that was not rail-only and heavy weapon spawn blocked.
  13. Pic0o

    Front Page

    I still have the front page closed by a generic text page. I can start with a Module cms that also links right to here. Working on an RSS like forum to frontPage for ease of content keeping it fresh, before hitting the chat house. Thanks to ImmortalBob, we know the other accounts are working. Member groups and sub forums shall be up soon too and welcome to layout rotation. http://houseofplus.com/bbs is direct url for forums. The current front page of the domain is an edited simple web layout from 2005. If anyone wants to do a design, by all means you are welcomed to do so.
  14. Pic0o


    If you had an account on FuntimeBliss, you were very likely imported. I did not sent an email in case some of them were dead email accounts. Roll the Forgot password option to get account access; else drop me a message and I''ll get you live.
  15. Pic0o


    Howdy and welcome back. I am adding the few posts back into the forums, as I had to migrate hosts back. It turns out Invision forum DBs, even .gz'd are over 64 MB. I have added accounts from FuntimeBliss in a grievous abuse of data sets. If you do not wish to use your account here, you do not have to. I will not send you any more emails to that effect, as I did for the password reset tool for imported accounts. I also do not give your details to any entity... be it a data house or law enforcement entity. I'm not in the fourm game for financial game and your data is not a monetized asse
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