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  2. Pic0o

    Splatoon 2

    I am playing a little Splatoon 2 but mostly some Captain Toad and Octopath Traveler on switch. Greets to Wub on his account signup and also to the Bailbonds account I approved today. I want to think someone has a sense of humor and since they validated their email, I approved them. Don't let me down as being a spam bot. I may still make a dedicated server for Unreal Tournament 2003 or something comparably old school.
  3. EdBot

    New accounts

    The Captcha was jammed up, but should now work for new users. Sorry if you tried to sign up prior. Should be golden now though. 😛
  4. Pic0o

    Site info

    Welcome to 2018. I flipped a Wordpress up for the main site and added a little backstory. I also scraped some pages on Archive.org to get the ancient +PLuS+ site layouts in image format.
  5. Pic0o

    New accounts

    Since no one logged into their imported accounts from Funtime, I dropped them from this site. Also from the looks, many people may have abandoned the hotmail accounts they were using back in the early 2000's. Registration is active so you are welcome to give that a go. Immortal Mod and I are moderators here at this time.
  6. I saw some heads talking about the olden days of UT and Unreal Tournament 2003. I may fire up a small server here shortly. Once I do, I'll put info on here and FTB. FYI I will replace the front page with Wordpress. If you want to add content there, hit me up and I'll hook you up.
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